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Investing in the Great Commission

While each soul is worth the same, it costs much less to support evangelism in some developing areas. It may cost $1,000,000 to build a church in the United States, the same church would cost $10,000 in a developing area. It may cost $50,000 a year to support a full time Christian worker here in the United States, it would cost $1,000 to support a local Christian worker.

Through regular mission trips, we will continue to seek and investigate various opportunities to invest in the Great Commission.

Friends of Grace had funneled more than a million dollars to support local Christian groups that further the Great Commission. We have invested in different projects including:

  1. Church planting
  2. Seminary planting
  3. Scholarship for seminary students
  4. Funding full time local Christian workers
  5. Funding full time Christian missionary workers